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Chinese new year

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Chinese new year

Did you know? On February 1st was Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year has a long tradition. It counts as the most important traditional holiday. New Year's Day falls on a new moon between January 21st and February 21st. The year of the Metal Ox began on February 12th, 2021 and lasted until January 31st, 2022. On February 1st, 2022 begins the year of the Water Tigers.

An old legend tells that a man-eating monster came down from the mountains (or the sea, depending on the source) annually to satiate its hunger after deep sleep. To protect themselves from the "monster of the year," people made noise and fire and colored everything red and gold, since the Monster was said to be sensitive to noise and the colors red and gold. The expulsion of the monster is called "Guònián" - translated: going of the "Nian or Year Monster" – which means the passing of the old year, i.e. the New Year festival. The New Year celebrations last for many days and on some days, there are special traditions, such as a family visit or the return of married women to their families.